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Nameless Wildness Clayworks is Sue Christensen’s effort to transmute the textures and patterns that surround us every day into lasting art pieces. The work captures impressions from many sources, including flora, textiles, fabricated materials, etc. The presentation is reminiscent of quilt pieces.

All dishes are food safe, microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Nothing has been tested for use in the oven. Nothing except copper mosaics, wind chimes and garden signs have been tested outdoors over the winter. Garden signs, wind chimes and copper mosaics have survived Minnesota winters in my yard. These three items are guaranteed for outdoor use. Everything I make is guaranteed against defects. If it breaks and you haven’t dropped it or whacked it against anything, send it back to me and I will fix it for free if it’s a wind chime, or replace it for free if it’s something else. Don’t send it back if it’s been dropped or whacked. I can always tell.

Custom Mold Making
Need to immortalize something? Custom mold making costs $20 per hour including travel time. I can make molds of any shallow texture. Generally, shallow means 1/4” or less. I have made molds, in the past, of house parts, car parts, body parts (a narrow variety), sacred objects, found objects, toys, religious icons, bondage gear, jewelry, glassware and many different kinds of plants. Email me if you have an idea. In instances where the molds contribute substantially to my collection, I often waive the mold-making fee as thanks.
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